Plumbing Products I Recommend

Mac and PC Products I use and can Recommend

  • Quick Sale Works fine but highly overpriced subscription model.
    Supposedly subscription is so developer can add new features - but all the updates have been to fix problems I never had!
    $200 later - I basically have the same program I PURCHASED for $39.00 years ago! I think I may build my own quoting program from scratch (MSAccess)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud   For all those creative ideas!
  • Mindjet MindManager   for creating flowcharts of your inspirations.
  • Techsmith  - Great for creating screen demo's on PCs and Macs, upload to web easily.
  • Screenflow  - Another Screen capture program.
  • Blender 3D Software (Free) -An amazing open source program for 3d Modeling (Currently trying to learn)
  • ExpressVPN -Stay Safe and Anonymous online
  • DropBox -Backup everything - well organized (Consider upgrading from Free for more storage)
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Contains all Microsoft Office programs (including Access Database)
  • Parallels  - Run a full version of Windows on your Mac.
  • Bitdefender Anti-Virus  -I have used Bitdefender for MANY years - excellent program and reasonable pricing
  • Zoom Teleconferencing   -During this stay at home period in our history - Zoom will allow you to teleconference with as many people at a time as you wish - AND - it is FREE


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  • Photography Services - Call to Discuss
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Updated July 21 2022

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1) Keeping our distance
2)wearing masks when unable to distance by 2 meters
Preferably everyone is fully vaccinated (I am)